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A server (to serve) is software that provides a service for users, more precisely: a program that waits for a client to contact it in order to perform a particular service for it. This service of the server is specific for the server, so that for each service a separate server exists.

This is the originally correct definition from computer science. Computers on which server software is executed are referred to as hosts. The fact that these host computers are also referred to as servers is a secondary meaning that has arisen from everyday language use and is now more common than the original definition.

Server software is used, among other things, to build, manage, use, replicate and secure data and applications more efficiently for several connected computers, e.g. in companies. Individual computer workstations can be better coordinated via the server software, and users can be assigned application-specific or user-specific rights. Known server types include web servers, file servers, database servers, printer servers, authentication servers, enterprise servers (including enterprise content management), mail servers and time servers.

In our shop you will find e.g. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials. It is a server operating system that is very easy to set up for small businesses and is particularly suitable for less experienced users.