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When numbers speak volumes: 6,000 ratings, 96% customer satisfaction, 4.9 out of 5 stars

Licenseking.co.uk is one of the best rated online shops for software licenses in UK! We are proud of our excellent customer service, Attractive software prices and a clear online shop with lots of additional product information.

Our customers see it the same way and award an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. With over 6,000 ratings, this makes a customer satisfaction rate of 96 percent.

We work with the largest customer rating platforms, including Trusted Shops and Trustami.


What our customers say about Licenceking

When it comes to describing Licenseking, we like to let our customers have their say:

"Everything is fine! Clever and accommodating customer service. Awesome! - From KPR on 21 March 2018

"Fast delivery; customized packaging; optimally packaged; easy to open! happy to return!" - From Koalabaer on 15 March 2018

"Installed and working. Everything went fine from order to delivery and on to product." - From Saccardo Carmine on 23 February 2018

"Questions about the activation of my Office product were answered very quickly and I was even offered telephone support, Top! - From Dirk on 27.07.2017

"Very good service (installation assistance), which I also received outside the usual business hours. Very much to recommend..." - By Olaf Huchler on 06.02.2017


Further information about Licenseking

Would you like to learn more about Licenseking.co.uk? Then take a look at our "About us" page, where we introduce ourselves in detail, or at our Facebook page.