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Full license

The term full license refers to the right to use a single copy of software. It does not include the right to update.

The term should not be confused with that of the full version: it refers to a computer program that is available in its full functional scope. However, this does not mean that the user has the right to use or distribute the program at will.

In addition to full versions, there are also limited versions of a program: this can be a trial or demo version, for example, or a shareware product whose full version can only be released after payment with the help of a key.

OEM versions, where the program is purchased in combination with hardware, are also to be distinguished from the full version. These can be full versions or also versions which have been provided with a usage restriction.

Freeware can also be a full version. However, this does not mean that the user has the right to use or distribute the software at will - this only applies to so-called public domain software. Software versions that are sold online or commercially (so-called commercial goods) are generally full versions. However, demo versions are rarely sold as well. Whether it is a full version or not is therefore not determined by the purchase price.

As long as your computer has the required operating system version, you can of course use the complete range of a fully functional Office version, for example, even if you buy used Microsoft Office from us.