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The purchase of a software license can be done in different ways, but if you own a fast internet connection and have a computer of the newer generation, the purchase of an ESD license, i.e. the electronic software download, is the best advice. Immediately after the secure payment process on Lizenzking.de, you will receive an e-mail with a download link with the installation key of your purchased product. This enables you to activate your desired software immediately and start working immediately. The software is available to you immediately after purchase.

This not only saves you time, but also saves your wallet. In comparison, a license that is transmitted electronically is much cheaper than a physical data carrier such as a DVD box with a certificate of authenticity COA license sticker. But also the environment is not polluted - annoying packaging waste is eliminated and your purchase is CO2-neutral by sending it by e-mail.

A further advantage is the possibility that, for example, with an ESD license for Office 2016, you can reinstall the purchased program immediately after a system reset, the purchase of a new PC or a program crash. The annoying search for the data carrier is no longer necessary. And for users of laptops and notebooks who do not have a CD/DVD drive, there is no alternative to buying an ESD license.