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Operating system

An operating system (OS) is a collection of computer control programs. It usually consists of a kernel (German: Kernel) which manages the hardware and various special programs which take over certain functions at startup and thus forms the interface between the hardware components of a computer and the application software of a user (e.g. office software).

The operating system manages the system resources of a computer such as hard disks, RAM or input and output devices and makes these application programs available, e.g. applications such as a word processing program such as Word, a statistics program or a database software.

Without an operating system, no individual applications and thus no normal work with the computer/PC would be possible. It performs basic functions such as

  •     Starting and stopping the operating system
  •     Management and operation of connected devices, e.g. input, storage and output of data via monitors or printers
  •     Loading, executing, interrupting and terminating programs, applications and processes
  •     User communication and user guidance for graphical interfaces
  •     Protective functions, e.g. management of user-specific rights

The most important operating systems include Windows, Android, Mac OS as well as Unix and various Linux distributions (including SuSE, Redhat). In our shop you will find Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.