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Pirated copy

The term "pirated copy" refers colloquially to an unauthorized and thus unauthorized reproduction of a computer program or physical medium, such as a data CD or DVD, in violation of copyright or individual licensing agreements. In the context of copyright law, the term - misleading and dramatizing because it implies the use of physical force - is not used; in this case it is referred to as an 'infringement of copyright'.

But not all copies of software are pirated copies: Certain types of software licenses explicitly allow copies to be made on principle or under certain conditions. Examples are shareware, freeware and software under the GNU license. Backup copies that ensure the availability or restoration of the program's functionality (as long as the licensee does not technically circumvent an existing copy protection without the consent of the copyright holder) are also permitted for commercial programs that are subject to a fee. However, these programs may never be used simultaneously on two devices - this would amount to an infringement of copyright and would therefore be a "pirated copy".