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Software license

The term license (Latin licet = it is allowed; licens = free) generally means permission to do things that are forbidden without it. When you buy a computer program, you do not acquire ownership of the program, but only permission to use it in a restricted way (for example, on only one computer) - a license.

This software license is the legal right to install and use a single copy of a software product. Since it is technically possible to perform any number of installations with an installation program on a data carrier, for example, it is important for software manufacturers to regulate the use of a software product according to their interests. The software license therefore refers, among other things, to the copyright of the respective author.

In the case of commercial software, the consent of the manufacturer as author is given, for example, in the form of license agreements in which the prerequisites and scope of the installation of a program are specified. The subsequent use of a software license after deinstallation or disposal of the hardware (of the target computer) is often also regulated in the license agreement.