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Used license

A "used" software license is a software license that has already been sold to a user at least once - directly from a manufacturer or reseller. The license key may have already been used in a company or by a private individual, but is then no longer used by the first purchaser and can therefore be sold again.

This is how it works: Due to insolvencies, mergers, discontinuation of business areas, staff reductions or restructuring and system changes, companies like to sell their rights to software such as Office 2016 or a Windows 7 license. After all, computer programs are a big cost factor in companies. For example, Lizenzking.de then buys the used, no longer needed Windows 10 Pro license from the company. If a customer then acquires that product license, it can continue to be used without any problems or restrictions, i.e. it is a full license.

Since software cannot become bad, used software licenses are just as good as new ones. The buyer of the used license gets exactly the same product as the first buyer - but much cheaper!

And of course the resale and purchase of used software licenses at Lizenzking.de is absolutely legal. This has been decided by the European Court of Justice (who wants to have a look: EuGH C-128/11). You can find out more about this from our specialist lawyer for industrial property protection in our blog.