In our Weekly Hack we show you how to easily convert PDF documents into editable Word documents with Microsoft Office 2016.

Did you Know? A friend sent you a document in PDF format. You want to continue working with the contents of the PDF and change them. But if you copy text and graphics from the PDF and paste them into Microsoft Word, the formatting will be inadequate or not applied at all. At the end you type texts manually and create new graphics.

It’s easier with the option to import PDFs integrated in Microsoft Office 2016. Use Microsoft Word 2016 to load the PDF. The document is analyzed, the text is editable and most of the formatting is done. Even with large PDFs, the results are amazingly useful.

How to convert PDFs to editable docs with Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft makes it easy for you here. Only a few steps are necessary to convert a PDF into a Word Doc:

  1. In Microsoft Word 2016, click File > Open.

  2. Select the PDF you want to open.

  3. In Microsoft Word 2016, a dialog box appears informing you that it may take longer for Word to perform the conversion, especially for PDFs with many pages and/or graphics. Click „OK“.

No guarantee for perfect processing of the PDF document

Converting PDFs into editable Word documents is technically quite demanding. Depending on how the PDF was originally saved, minor conversion errors may occur. While texts and tables are usually transferred correctly, formatting and display errors sometimes occur with complex graphics or illustrations. The conversion is therefore not perfect, but ultimately it saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise have spent manually copying or even typing and rebuilding.


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