If you spot cheap MS Office 2019 keys on the internet, it might be illegal and risky. More than ever, MS Office 2019 activation keys are offered for a song on Amazon, eBay and Co. We explain how you can uncover illegal licences and therefore avoid falling into the trap of online fraudsters.

With the launch of Office 2016, Microsoft established a subscription version for private users. For this target group, the permanent Office licence should no longer be attractive, but the constant use should be compensated by an annual contribution. Microsoft sells the obvious advantages quite successfully and the customers are happy about regular updates or the possibility to use Microsoft Office on up to six computers in one household. The home version for non-commercial use including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word as well as Access and Publisher is available for about  £ 80 per year.

Use your eyes when spotting ridiculous prices!

Thus, the subscribers pay lots of money while the official purchase versions is a relatively cheaper. However, the alarm bells should ring if you spot ridiculous cheap prices! As a permanent licence, MS Office users currently get Office 2019 Home & Business for £ 299 , while Office 2019 Home & Student including PowerPoint, Excel and Word is available for £ 149. In comparison, you get a legal product key of Office 2019 Home & Business for £ 159 as well as the Office 2019 Home & Student licence key for £ 119,99 at Licenceking.

Those, who browse the online marketplaces like Rakuten, Amazon or eBay, recognize offers for little less than the official selling prices. There, you can find offers like Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus key including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher for almost unbelievable £ 2.18. You can also spot the new MS Office 2019 licences far below £ 10. These fraudsters promise the unsuspecting customer that they receive a link including a product key for download within a very short time after completing the purchase.

Microsoft Office 2019 zum Download: So enttarnen Sie illegale Lizenzen

MS Office 2019: Product key but no legal licence

But how can you identify suspicious resellers? Take a look at the registered office. Those black sheep often come from Eastern Europe, Italy, or Asia and they usually offer the software with the term „product key„. Dubious dealers never use „licence“ in their offers, because the customer only gets an illegal product key for the money and not a valid licence. Although, in most cases the activation works after downloading MS Office 2019, there might be a rude awakening a few days later. Microsoft blocks Office installations afterwards if they have been activated with dubious product keys. Thus, all programs are deactivated and cannot be used any longer.

In many cases, fraudsters offer cheap keys from split volume licences. The fact that a Microsoft Office product key has its origin in a volume licence is quite easy to identify. If you find the Office Professional Plus (or Pro Plus) version, it is obvious that you should keep your hands off. Product keys of Office Professional Plus are not available for end users on a single basis: As a permanent licence, you can only purchase Home & Business or the Home version. You won’t find many offers of these editions with ridiculous prices.

Check the ratings before purchase

In the online shop of Licenceking, you only get legal licences as we only work with reliable companies. Furthermore, our excellent service literally speaks for itself with almost 100% positive ratings on Trustami, Trusted Shops, Amazon or eBay. A further indication for a serious software dealer is the operation of a constantly updated homepage and the company headquarter in the EU. These requirements are also fulfilled by Licenceking.

Take all advantages of the current MS Office 2019 version and, like many private users, freelancers and small businesses, benefit from our all inclusive package for Mac users. With our MS Office 2019 Home & Business MAC, you can create professional presentations in no time while sharing your files with others and saving them online by the use of Microsoft OneDrive.

With the MS Office 2019 on premise solution for Windows, you can create visual presentations in PowerPoint 2019 with new features like Zoom and Morph, and make your documents more intuitive with improved Inking-features such as tilt effects and pressure sensitivity in all Windows applications. In Excel 2019, you can enjoy new data analysis features such as innovative chart types and formulas, or take advantage of PowerPivot enhancements. Wait no longer and download the MS Office 2019 version that suits your needs from Licenceking today!


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