Same same, but different: You have recently purchased a new Mac and it is going like clockwork. No stuttering or freezing. It runs smooth, fast and reliable. But as soon as the Mac has a few duration of benefits, it starts to judder. The Excel file doesn’t want to open and the browser starts in slow motion. At the same time, you want to open Parallels, but the cursor seems to be frozen and nothing works anymore. If you want to continue to work, you need to wait endless minutes or restart your computer.

As a matter of course, it is not necessary to buy a new Mac. With a little bit of help, you can speed up your Mac in no time. How? Get our useful tips in our latest Weekly Hack.

If you want to speed up your Mac, you need to check the weak points

Analyse the weak points of your Mac for an easy speed up. You can do this e.g. with the “Activity Monitor”. It allows an uncomplicated analysis when performance problems have occurred and you get valuable information about network activity, disk usage, power consumption, memory activity, and current CPU load.

Let the program run in the background for a while to always see the workload in a diagram of the last two minutes. If the performance gives you reason to complain, you can easily understand why the Mac currently stumbles. The display of memory pressure and CPU load is the most important information in the activity display. If you notice a strong rash in these two areas, the reason for the stuttering computer might be in the corresponding area.

For instance, yellow or red bars in the „Memory Pressure“ display indicate a lack of working memory. Therefore, you should start to improve the performance. The most effective way to get to the bottom of CPU usage is to check the utility’s dock. Take a look at the different dock information in the „Display“ > „Icon in Dock“ menu and check the loss of performance at a high CPU load.

Sie wollen Ihren Mac schneller machen? Mit unseren Tipps geht das ganz leicht!

High storage pressure often turns into a problem

If you own a computer that has less memory than 8GB, it’s a must-do for you to keep an eye on the „Memory Pressure“ display. If the indicator is green, there are no problems with memory usage. If the indicator changes to yellow or red, difficulties may occur. In this case, the installed RAM is no longer sufficient to carry out all processes as desired.

In this case, the system outsources memory contents to the hard disk, resulting in a so-called „swap“. This causes delayed reactions after commands. A typical symptom is the protracted starting of a program during high activity of the hard disk. As a result, also focus on the display „Swap used“. If a value higher than zero is displayed, it is also an indicator of a lack of RAM.

Speed up your Mac with a reasonable software from Licenceking

If you actually detect a lack of RAM on your Mac, there are two possibilities to solve this problem: you can expand the RAM or analyse the system for memory wasters. Certainly, if you want to add more memory, it might be a problem. First of all, it is often too expensive. Secondly, in many current Mac versions, the RAM chips are firmly soldered and therefore, you have to choose the right amount of memory when buying it.

But help is on the way: Licenceking offers the affordable software Stellar Drive ToolBox 2 Mac. It helps you to clean up your computer quick and easy in order to speed up your Mac again. Stellar Drive ToolBox 2 Mac has 12 powerful tools to accelerate the performance of your Mac, monitor the hard disks including storage space and partitions and never lose sight of the potential of your computer. For instance, with the help of the system accelerator “Speed Up Mac”, you can delete or duplicate temporary system files and useless browser leads may disappear into the nirvana. If the hard disk struggles with damaged or corrupt files, another tool can be used to mark these speed brakes and release them for repair.

With the help of Licenceking: Clean up your Mac and speed it up

Give your Mac an all inclusive and carefree feel-good programme in order to speed it up again, take advantage of the benefits of Licenceking and the excellent services. More than 45,000 satisfied customers appreciate the competent support and extensive advice from Licenceking. Immediately after your purchase, you receive the licence key by email to get direct access to the download link and your acquired programme. Take a look at our positive reviews on Trustami, Trusted Shops or eBay and you become one of our satisfied Licenceking customers!


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