On September 24, 2018, Office 2019 was released for download, the 17th version of the Office Suite from PC and Mac software manufacturer Microsoft. In the new Licenceking online shop, you will find the Office 2019 Home & Student, Office 2019 Home & Business and Office 2019 Professional versions. These versions still work under Windows 10. Nevertheless, a change for the new packs is really worth it and in our latest blog, we explain why.

Microsoft Office 2019 to download: Home & Student, Home & Business and Professional

In the Licenceking online store, you will find Microsoft Office 2019 to download, in the Home & Student, Home & Business and Professional versions. The Home & Student variant includes the classic Office programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. The license is valid for private use on a PC or Mac. The Office 2019 Home & Student version is optimized for families and students who want to use common office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and OneNote for Windows 10. Home & Student is designed for use at school, university or home and can be installed on a Mac or PC.

The same applies to the Office 2019 Home & Business program. In addition to the classic Office 2019 versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, you will also benefit from Outlook. You will then have a license for both professional and private use. Microsoft Office 2019 to download, in the Home & Business version, is perfect for small entrepreneurs and families who need a professional email space and the usual office software.

Office 2019 Professional is intended for growing companies that need more applications than those usually included in the Office package (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote), but will also have access to Outlook plus Publisher and Access. In this version, Office 2019 for workplace use can be installed on a single workstation. For these 3 versions, you will be entitled to 2 months of Microsoft Office 2019 support at no extra cost.

New from Office 2019 to download

Office 2019 to download brings with you a whole bunch of exciting and above all useful new features. For example, you can use Office 2019 to create much more visually diverse presentations, spreadsheets and documents. This includes adding pictograms in presentations, e-mails, Excel workbooks or Office documents. If you also add scalable vector graphics (SVG files), you can change the size of the graphics without losing image quality, color them and return them.

The end of the language barrier in Microsoft Office 2019 also represents a small revolution for users. Finally, thanks to Microsoft Translator, you can translate marked paragraphs, sentences or words into another language. A function that is also available on Mac and when you use PowerPoint, Excel or Word. If you also want to use it when using Outlook, you will need to download the Translator-Add-In translation tool from the Office Store.

And to satisfy customers: create mathematical formulas with Microsoft Office 2019 to download

With the new version of Office, Microsoft meets the latest expectations of its customers. Thanks to Microsoft Office 2019, they can now type mathematical formulas in Word via LaTex-Syntax. If you want to add a formula using the keyboard, simply type Alt + =, then simply enter your formula. Thanks to the mathematical autocorrection system, you can even insert equations outside the mathematical domain. On the keyboard, you can create mathematical formulas using a combination of autocorrection codes and keywords. Word supports two linear formats for mathematics, LaTex and Unicode. You can choose one or the other of these formats to create your formulas. To do this, go to „Formulas“ and select the format of your choice. It is also possible to insert ends of linear formulas in Word.

Office 2019 Download_2Add motion and zoom with Microsoft Office 2019

Add smooth motion, transitions and animations to your PowerPoint slides using the Morphose transition tool. This allows you to create smooth transitions to scroll through the pages of your presentation. In PowerPoint 2019, you have a wide range of elements of all kinds (Diagrams, Word, SmartArt Charts, Images, Forms and Text).

Use the Zoom function and your PowerPoint presentations will be even more lively and exciting than usual. Then make your PowerPoint 2019 work even more dynamic by using, for example, image zoom and navigate freely through your slides without interrupting the flow of your oral presentation.

A format that is ideally suited for short presentations, with few paragraphs. You can also display the structure of your presentation on a target page using the summary zoom. So, you can stay creative at any time, you can go back to part of your presentation or skip a few slides, all without interrupting the course of your presentation. Thanks to the Zoom, you can switch from one slide to another, and scroll through them in the order you want.

Office 2019 to download: to shape your freedom of movement

With Office 2019, as long as your computer has a touch function, you can now write without using your hands. Using the „hands-free“ system, marking text or writing complex mathematical formulas: all this is possible using a stylus or your finger. A method that also works with the mouse. If you have a touch screen, the „Drawing“ tab is automatically activated, allowing you to draw or write easily. A function available in PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Companies will also be attracted by particularly innovative Access functions. These will allow you to choose from eleven new types of graphs, including bar charts, histograms and line graphs. To do this, you will need to adapt the measurement fields of the diagrams, since the preview is displayed directly. A novelty concerning Access 2019, the type of data called „Large number“ also makes it possible to calculate gigantic sums, the simplest in the world.

Bring your ideas to life with Office 2019

While you are working on a project, you may want to visualize your role as a project manager, which you can do by enabling audio instructions in Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. You will find them under the „Options“ menu → „Ergonomic options„. With the sound scheme highlighted, you have many practical sounds to improve accessibility.

Are you convinced by the idea of downloading Microsoft Office 2019? You will find it in the excellent Licensing online store. You can check reviews and comments on Amazon, Trusted Shops, Trustami and eBay. You will realize that the service and advice to Licensing customers is a true business model. If your Microsoft support has lost its validity, you can always count on Licensing support. Don’t wait to download your Office 2019 version today!


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