Find the recovery software that will provide reliable and fast data security. It is not uncommon for a technical accident or human error to cause the data to disappear from the PC. An emergency response is then required to save the lost data. It is a good way for private users to protect themselves against the loss of irreplaceable photos, texts or videos, while companies will see it as a cost-effective way to prevent disasters.

Paragon Hardware Manager 15 pour les utilisateurs expérimentés

Experienced users in IT departments will appreciate this simple and fast solution from Paragon Hardware Manager 15 for Windows. This data recovery software combines all the important features in the field of partition and hard disks. It helps you to secure specific partitions or data, but it also allows you to clone entire hard drives. Share, delete or create partitions with Paragon Hardware Manager 15 software or transfer your system to a virtual environment.

Paragon Hardware Manager 15 supports USB-3.0 media, hard disks larger than 2 TB, as well as AFD or SSD hard disk standards. You secure your data system reliably, thanks to back-up technologies. Your system is restored in no time at all after a problem. You can directly access important settings such as hard disk copy, migration, recovery or security. The classic interface of the advanced tools is intended for advanced users.

Beginners also secure their data with Paragon Hardware Manager 15

Thanks to the intelligent backup wizard of Parangon Hardware Manager 15, beginners also have their reliable data protection solution. Simply select the data you want to protect, such as entire hard drives, media data, outlook contacts or emails; then you decide where to store it. Parangon masters full backups, in addition to incremental back-ups for data security. If you do not want immediate security, simply indicate in the calendar how often you want the back-up to be performed. Your data is also protected with a password. You can use local hard disks as backup destination, as well as virtual hard disks, NAS and FTP/ SFTP servers, not to mention bluerays or CDs/DVDs.

For data recovery, choose the specific selection option for the data to be backed up. Accompanied by dialog windows, you choose a rescue method, and generate the backup environment either as an ISO file or on a USB stick, which is applied on a Linux or WinPE basis. Preconfigured network settings and special drivers can also be integrated into the backup.

So schützen Sie Ihre Daten: Recovery Software im Vergleich!

Paragon Hardware Manager 15: How to use partitions and hard disks

Professional handling of hard disk partitions is a major task for Paragon Hardware Manager 15. You can create, format and, if necessary, hide your hard disks and partitions quickly and easily. It is equally easy to perform interface tests, check data integrity, irreversibly delete unused storage space or complete hard drives, delete or add defragmented drive letters or hard drives. With Paragon Hardware Manager 15, you can also erase SSD disks without affecting their lifespan.

Experienced users use Paragon Hardware Manager 15 to, for example, separate data and operating system into two logical hard drives on the same partition. In addition, they can merge the storage space of shared partitions into a new partition. Clone your partitions and transfer your system to a virtual environment, or migrate the system to another PC. The Parangon Hardware Manager 15 program found in the Licensing online store supports VMware, Workstation, VMware Fusion, Oracle VirtualBox4 and Microsoft Virtual PC. The boot manager also allows you to administer up to sixteen systems on your computer.

Fast, clear and simple: Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional

Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional software is simple, clear and fast. Its relevant features ensure that your data is backed up by the fluidity of document restoration. Just one click to start scanning the hard drives to be checked, and your data is restored in record time. Have your e-mail inboxes scanned to recover deleted messages as well.

Backup your data in 3 steps with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional recovery software

It only takes three steps to secure your data with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional software, it’s child’s play! The program first analyzes the data that can be restored. Then you select the documents to be secured, and lastly, the data you have selected is revived, regardless of its nature – music, documents, images or ZIP files. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional secures your data reliably and quickly.

This software also has at its disposal the tools adapted to the restoration of encrypted data or files from an archive. The program analyzes data media such as damaged hard disks, poorly written DVDs, CDs or USB sticks and provides you with a preview once the scan is complete. Then it is up to you to decide which file should be restored. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 Professional supports hard drives up to two TB in size.

You can search for images, songs or text documents in a targeted way, thanks to a very useful filter option. So your data is recovered in no time at all. Similarly, to recover the restored data just as quickly, it appears under its original name after the rescue operation.

Practical alternatives to iTunes: Aiseesoft FoneTrans

To reliably manage and secure the files on your Apple device, there is an alternative to iTunes: Aiseesoft FoneTrans software. Indeed, it is often complicated to transfer Apple data to a PC with iTunes. If a synchronization fails, it can lead to the loss of other data, and this is the cataclysm. Often, it is also problematic to use several computers..

On the other hand, Aiseesoft FoneTrans allows you to export your media data, such as photos, videos or music, to your computer as a security backup. In addition, with FoneTrans, you can also import files to your iPod, iPad or iPhone when you want to display or play them. With Aiseesoft FoneTrans, contacts and emails can also be secured. The FoneTrans backup tool protects SMS messages as HTML, Text or Excel files for display. This way, you can edit your contacts on your computer quickly and easily, and even merge duplicates. Your files can, if necessary, be transferred to iTunes or another iOS device.

Secure transfer and storage space saving with Aiseesoft FoneTrans

Another important advantage is the ability to increase the performance of your iOS device by securely transferring data to your Windows computer. In addition, you have the functionality to sort documents into albums and playlists. This way, later on, your targeted searches will be successful and you will keep control of your files at all times. This not only applies to recent iOS devices, but Aiseesoft FoneTrans also supports older versions.

Download the data recovery software tailored to your needs from today. This way, you will be armed reliably and quickly against the cataclysm of data loss!


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