When you start looking for the most popular software for email management and would like to buy Microsoft Outlook, you will find various offers on the Internet. There are also options where Microsoft Outllook is available as an individual license. In our blog article of week 15, we explain why it is still better to buy the complete Microsoft Office package from Licenceking.

Buy Outlook from Licenceking

Microsoft’s email management program, Outlook, is available on the Internet at 135 £ for direct download from Richmond. But also on Amazon and various merchants who offer Office programs like Microsoft Outlook Mail separately. But is it really worth buying Office programs separately?

In our opinion, no. Because, considering the overall price and the top-notch service you will enjoy at Licenceking after purchasing a Microsoft Office Edition package, we recommend that you purchase the complete package, such as Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (140 £) or Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business (58 £). Indeed, companies and self-employed workers (working from home) need Excel, Word and PowerPoint in addition to Outlook.

In addition, online shopping encourages you to be suspicious of unserious merchants. Amazon and eBay have poisoners who will lure you with honey – their low price – to water you with vinegar once the purchase is concluded, when you realize that the license is blocked. The so-called Keysellers are illegally buying licenses in Asia and Eastern Europe, initially designed for developers, institutions such as universities and authorities. The bona fide customer will jump on this opportunity, only to find himself empty-handed when Microsoft blocks the illegal license.

In 2014, for example, the manufacturer did so over 50 000 times. The purchase price is usually not refunded – for example, the deal concluded before downloading did not go through PayPal, which covers buyer protection. That’s why it’s better to buy your complete Office package directly from the German market leader in new and used software! With Licenceking, your license purchase always remains secure and 100% legal.

Acheter Microsoft Outlook en licence individuelle, est-ce possible ? ?

Buy Outlook from Licenceking: these are all the skills of the e-mail program

With Microsoft Outlook, you are always productive with a consistent and clear overview of your emails, data, contacts and calendar, and you can stay connected with your partners, friends and family. If you are mobile, it also works perfectly, since you can also install Outlook on your Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Thanks to the permanent synchronization, you are sure not to miss any contacts, messages or meetings. Hotmail and Outlook.com emails, contacts and appointments are based on Push, so you are immediately informed of any new entries. The clear navigation menu with which you open emails, tasks, contacts and calendar offers you great comfort and speeds up your communication. This way, you have everything you need to be productive.

Without rejecting a spontaneous idea or transforming a window, you can check an appointment individually or the entire calendar, or check details or tasks related to a particular reciprocal e-mail. A single view can include multiple contacts and related information to sort, for example when updating your social networks. This helps to avoid these annoying duplicates and also to capture at a glance the context in which you know people.

Productivity is also increased through calendar sharing, which allows you to effectively respond to invitations, schedule meetings, since your colleagues, employees, or superiors can view your schedule. In short, Microsoft Outlook 2016 is an applied secretary, available 24/7 for the smooth management and planning of your appointments or address book, and who constantly takes care of your emails.

Comparison for Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird

When you mature the idea of equipping yourself with an email management program, you quickly find yourself faced with the choice between Microsoft Outlook and other programs, such as Mozilla’s Thunderbird. A very important aspect of the email management program is security. Both services offer the advantage of individual configuration when receiving e-mails. For example, images will not be downloaded immediately. In addition, you can adjust the central settings as you wish in both Outlook and Thunderbird.

Concerning the manipulation, the advantages are clearly on the Outlook side. While both programs quickly insert new tasks and new appointments, Thunderbird is lacking in clarity. On Outlook, on the other hand, you only need to enter a workflow once, and then, hop, the software reminds you of your daily tasks, as if it is magic.

Thunderbird has a real mastery of essentials such as emails, notes and tasks, but even individually, the program is not good enough. Indeed, the additional features can only be used by add-ons, without automatic update. Here too, Outlook is one step ahead, because the manufacturer Microsoft promises to regularly update its products, especially the volume of features. A largely negative point for Mozilla’s e-mail program is the fact that Thunderbird’s development has been stopped since the end of 2012, and that since then, only stability and security updates are provided.

Microsoft Outlook kaufen als Einzellizenz – ist das möglich?

Microsoft Outlook vs Gmail

The biggest advantage of Microsoft Outlook, compared to Google E-Mail, is the ability to send large files. This will be of particular interest to companies and self-employed workers who exchange byte uploaded files by e-mail. Outlook also offers, in addition to 15 GB of storage space, attach attachments of up to 25 MB. But this is not the only thing that distinguishes the two programs: Outlook also allows you to share files up to 10MB – via a OneDrive link. The point is clearly awarded to Microsoft Outlook in this area.


Microsoft Outlook is your trump card! Play it today with Licenceking! Because it is the first address in Great Britain for new and used software. You can buy Outlook there in a 100% legal and secure way, while enjoying its great service and top prices.



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